The long-awaited Lawrenceburg Riverwalk project is Coming Soon! The City of Lawrenceburg is creating a beautiful and accessible public space along the Dearborn Trail and on the Ohio River, perfect for walking, biking, dining, and enjoying the outdoors. New gangway bridges will provide access to an enhanced floating park with two restaurants and docking for personal boats and larger vessels.
The enhanced Lawrenceburg Riverwalk on the Levee will feature a wide paved walkway with overhangs and plenty of space for pedestrians, cyclists, swings, and benches. Improvements to the end of Walnut Street will make the Lawrenceburg Riverwalk feel like a seamless extension of downtown.
The new barges will include two restaurants with casual dining and spaces for strolling, gatherings and events that contribute to the City of Lawrenceburg as a premier river city destination.

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