Sweet Beard Bakehouse is located at 319 Walnut St., directly across from the Dearborn County Visitor Center. We specialize in pastries, cookies, and sweets that are baked fresh in house daily. From croissants to scones, blondies to brownies, danishes, muffins, and cookies of all kinds, Sweet Beard has your sweet and savory tooth covered. We also serve freshly brewed coffee and cold brew with flavoring options, as well as a selection of quick grab and go, or stay, items including wraps, sandwiches, overnight oats, and chia pudding. 812-577-3705

Use this site ONLY for custom sugar cookies! For all others listed above, give us a call!

  • +1 812-577-3705
  • 319 Walnut St., Lawrenceburg, IN, 47025