Resources & Grants

Lawrenceburg Main Street, Inc. with the City of Lawrenceburg offers a variety of resources and grants to support the local business community as well as residents.

The programs are designed to help the downtown historic district grow and protect the history in Lawrenceburg.

GRANT OFFICE HOURS: Tuesdays 1PM-4PM, Thursdays 9AM-12PM

For assistance outside of these hours, please call for an appointment. (812) 537-4507

Commercial Property Improvement Grants

Grants for Commercial Property improvement projects: Commercial Property Exterior Improvement Grant, Sign/Awning Grant, and Blade Sign Grant.

Merchant Programs

Programs and incentives to assist merchants currently located and active in the Downtown Lawrenceburg Historic District

Purchase Assistance Grant Residential New Construction

New Home Purchase Assistance Program

Residential Exterior Improvement Grant

Owner-occupied Residential Exterior Improvement projects

Small Business Action Grants

Existing & New Business – Small Business Action Grants

NOO Residential Exterior Improvement Grant

Non-owner occupied Residential Exterior Improvement projects